Things to know

Things to know

It's up to all skiers and snowboarders to be prepared for a fun day on the slopes, and stay safe.  This is to both your benefit and to the benefit of others you will meet while on the mountain.  If you are unsure of something, please ask a Blue Mountain Employee for assistance.  THANK YOU for doing your part to help keep everyone safe!

Before you arrive

Before you arrive

  • Before you arrive, you can register and pay for your daily rentals here (add link).
  • Each member of your family or group will need to enter their information to help us get their equipment set up correctly. Along with your name, address and phone number, we will need the following to get your equipment set up properly:

o   Height, weight, and age/birth date

o   Skier type

o   Shoe size

Type I

Ski Cautiously

Type II

Ski Moderately

Type III

Ski Aggressively

Prefer slower speeds

Prefer a variety of speeds

Prefer faster speeds

Prefer cautious skiing on smooth slopes or gentle to moderate pitch

Prefer to ski on varied terrain

Prefer fast and aggressive skiing on slopes of moderate to steep pitch

Entry level skier uncertain of their classification

Skiers not classified at Type I or Type III

Prefer higher than average release/retention settings

Prefer lower than average release/retention settings

Prefer average release retention settings, appropriate for most recreational skiing

Prefer decreased release ability in a fall in order to gain decreased risk of inadvertent binding release

Prefer an increased risk of inadvertent binding release in order to gain increased release ability in a fall



*We have a rental shop at each of our lodges. If you are taking a lesson, you’ll need to visit our Valley Rental Shop.

When you get here

When you get here

  • For the best rental experience, we recommend you arrive at the rental shop ready to hit the slopes. Allow 10-30 minutes for us to outfit you with your gear.
  • Lockers – In the Summit, lockers are located across the hall from the rental shop. In the Valley there are multiple locker location, including limited locker space in the rental shop.
  • Dress for success: We recommend arriving in rentals dressed for the slopes. In addition to our tips on dressing for the slopes found here . We recommend the following for our rental guests:

o   Socks – Socks effect the fit and comfort of a ski or snowboard boot. We recommend one pair of thin wool or synthetic socks. Our boots are insulated, and multiple bulky socks will lead to discomfort and reduced circulation. Cotton socks are not recommended.

o   Pants – Ski are snowboard boots are designed to have a foot and a sock in them. Base layers should not be tucked into the boot and outerwear should be able to cover the cuff on the boot. We highly recommend water proof outerwear. Jeans or cotton pants are not recommended.

  • Our trained technicians will fit you for your boots and set up your skis or snowboards. This equipment is set specifically for you and is your responsibility once you leave the shop.

Our gear

Our gear

  • Skis – We offer daily rental gear from Head and Salomon. Our techs will fit you with the right length based upon your height, weight, and ability. We offer skis from 70cm to 180cm.
  • Ski boots – We offer Head BYS adult ski boots and Salomon and Elan junior ski boots. We offer sizes 15.5 mondo to 34.0 mondo (8c to 16 adult).
  • Snowboard – We offer daily snowboard rental gear from Burton and Rossignol. For our lesson guests we are proud to offer Burton LTR snowboards. All snowboards use a Burton strap binding.
  • Snowboard boots – We offer Burton Progression snowboard rental boots in sizes 10c-14 adult.
  • Helmets – We strongly recommend using an approved snow helmet while enjoying the slopes.
    • Helmets are proven to lessen the chance of a head injury. You can rent a helmet along with your skis/board.
    • For the best fit and protection, we recommend either a thin skull cap or nothing under the helmet. Bulky caps or hats are not recommended.
    • If you do happen to hit your head while wearing our rental helmet, please let an employee know when you return.